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HEC - Business Education Roadmap

Source: Higher Education Commission (
"Higher education institutes are notified to implement and follow the guidelines of Business Administration Education from current year 2009, recommended by the experts of National Curriculum Revision Committee."

Course load per semester for undergraduate level: 15 18 credit hours
Course load per semester for graduate level: 12 15 credit hours
Summer semester will not be counted towards duration of the degree program




For the executive MBA the guidelines are: -

1. The MBA Executive program shall be of 2 years regular study of four semesters and 66-72 credit hours as minimum standard.

i. Eligibility: Minimum 14 years education with 2nd division plus minimum four years job / work experience at managerial cadre.
ii. Admission Criteria: -----Entry Test

2. The one year Business Education program shall be equal to a diploma in Business Administration (Dip B.A)
3. It is recommended that less than one year Business Education shall be equal to certificate in Business Administration

Note: New admissions will be according to the above guidelines.

Source: Higher Education Commission (

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