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What is a track ball?

What is a serial transmission?

What is demodulation?

From where is the word MODEM derived?

What is parity?

What is a baseband network?

What is oligopoly?

What is meant by market structure?

What is profit maximization?

What is flotation?

What are public goods?

What is use-case?

What is a software process?

What is a software process?

What are the two distinct types of software testing that may be used at different stages?

What are the five formal steps of software inspection?

What are the two advantages of software inspection or walkthrough?

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the waterfall model?

What are the advantages and disadvantages of extreme programming?

What is a trace routine?

What is data validation?

What is beta testing?

What is beta testing?

What is technical documentation?

What is recursion?

What is a queuing theory?

Is RAM volatile?

What is a multiprocessor system?

What is a machine code?

What is the operand field?

What is a symbolic address?

What is fiscal policy?

What is monetary policy?

What is recession?

What is aggregate demand?

What is deflation?

What is retail price index?

What is exchange rate?

What is imported inflation?

What is aggregate supply?

What is meant by supply side policies?

What is meant by test marketing?

What is a balance sheet?

What is a cash flow statement?

What is meant by liquidity?

What is trial balance?

What is financial accounting?

What is auditing?

What is meant by book value?

What is meany by investment appraisal?

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