SECP - List of Licensed Insurance Surveyors and Registered Authorized Surveying Officers

SECP - List of Licensed Insurance Surveyors and Registered Authorized Surveying Officers

The following is the List of SECP Licensed Insurance Surveyors and Registered Authorized Surveying Officers in Pakistan:

A.M. Surveyors Co. (Private) Limited
A.R. Associates (Private) Limited.
A.R. Bherwani (Private) Limited
A.R. Shahid (Private) Limited.
A.S. Qureshi (Private) Limited
Abdul Azeem Siddiqui & Co., (Private) Limited
Abdul Rauf Abbasi (Private) Limited.
Aegis Surveyors (Private) Limited.
Afzal Hussain & Co. (Private) Limited
"Ahmed Farooq Arshad Associates (Private) Limited.
AIMS Surveyors (Private) Limited.
Ajmal Nawaz Associates (Private) Limited.
Akhtar Shahbaz Chughtai Associates (Private) Limited.
Akmal Qadeer & Co. (Private) Limited
Al-Hameed Surveyors (Private) Limited
Ali Murtaza & Co. (Private) Limited
Alian Sealand Surveyors (Private) Limited
Al-Meezan Associates (Private) Limited.
Al-Moeez Surveyors (Private) Limited.
Al-Shahbaz Surveyors (Private) Limited.
Al-Syed Surveyors (Private) Limited.
Amanat Khan & Co. (Private) Limited
Anus (Private) Limited
Anwar-ul-Haq & Co. (Private) Limited
Arshad & Co. (Private) Limited.
Asiatech Marine (Private) Limited.
Asif Puri & Co. (Private) Limited.
Asif Rafique Associates (Private) Limited.
Ather Alam & Co. (Private) Limited.
Atlantic Surveyors (Private) Limited
Atlas Surveyors (Private) Limited.
AUM Surveyors (Private) Limited
Awais Waqas & Co. (Private) Limited.
AZM & Co. (Private) Limited.
Abeer Associates( Private) Ltd
Bashir A. Khan & Co. (Private) Limited.
Bennett Marine Associates (Private) Limited.
BFA (Pvt) Ltd.
Bhombal & Co. Surveyors (Private) Limited.
Candid Consultancy (Private) Limited.
Ch.Noor Mohammad & Co., (Private) Limited
Commodity Inspection Services Co. (Private) Limited.
Consolidated Services (Private) Limited.
Consultancy Support & Services (Private) Limited.
Continental Super Services (Private) Limited
Contractors & Developers (CONDEL) (Private) Limited.
Credit & Commerce Consultants (Private) Limited.
Delta Surveyors (Private) Limited.
Dusam & Co. (Private) Limited.
Excel Surveyors (Private) Limited
Eastern Surveyors (Private) Limited
Engineering Pakistan International (Private) Limited
Equalizer (Private) Limited.
Eren (Private) Limited.
Evaluators (Private) Limited
Evergreen Pakistan Surveyors (Private) Limited
Excellent Surveyors (Private) Limited.
F.J. Enterprises (Private) Limited.
Fair Justice (Private) Limited.
Fair Marine Surveyors (Private) Limited.
Fazal Chaudhry & Co. (Private) Limited
"Frank Observers (Private) Limited.
G M Awan Associates (Private) Limited
G.B. Potts & Co.(Private) Limited.
G.S. Associates (Private) Limited
Ghafoor Associates (Private) Limited.
Ghaznavi & Co., (Private) Limited.
GIP Surveyors (Private) Limited.
Global Links Marine (Private) Limited.
Gulf Inspection International (Private) Limited.
Hamid Mukhtar & Co. (Private) Limited.
Hammad Ashfaq (Private) Limited.
Hanif Mughal Associates (Private) Limited
Hanlay & Co. (Private) Limited
Hasib Associates (Private) Limited.
Hassan Qaiser Associates (Private) Limited.
Henderson International Pakistan (Private) Limited.
HH Surveyors (Private) Limited.
HRTS Communication (Private) Limited.
"Hussayni Associates (Private) Limited.
I. Hussain Associates (Private) Limited.
"Impulse (Private) Limited.
Indus Surveyors (Private) Limited.
Intertek Pakistan (Private) Limited.
Intezar Javaid & Co., (Private) Limited.
Intikhab Alam & Co. (Private) Limited.
Iqbal Malik & Co. (Private) Limited
Irfan Hasan Dar & Co.(Private) Limited.
Ishrat Malik & Co. (Private) Limited.
Islam Rajput Associates (Private) Limited.
J.S.R. Associates (Private) Limited.
Jeelani Associates (Private) Limited.
Joseph Lobo (Private) Limited
K.H.Z. Associates (Pvt) Ltd.
K.S. Ahmed & Co. (Private) Limited
Kazim Associates (Private) Limited.
Khalid & Associates (Private) Limited.
Khalid Ali Surveyors (Private) Limited.
Khalid Hussain & Co. (Private) Limited.
Kharal Associates (Private) Limited.
Kifayat Ullah & Co. (Private) Limited, Rawalpindi.
Linkspak Surveyors (Private) Limited.
"Lonestar Technical Services (Private) Limited.
Munir A Khan & Co
M. Afzal Khan & Co. (Private) Limited
M. Aslam Associates (Private) Limited
M.A. Associates (Private) Limited.
"M.A. Nazami (Private) Limited.
"M.B. Services (Private) Limited.
M.Ismail Surveyors (Private) Limited.
M.J. Surveyors (Private) Limited.
M.L. & Associates (Private) Limited.
"M.Z.M. Surveyors (Private) Limited.
Mahfooz Shaukat & Co. (Private) Limited.
Majid Hassan & Co. (Private) Limited
Malcolm Gaskill Insurance Services (Private) Limited.
"Mansoor Ahmed Khan & Co. (Private) Limited.
Maqsood Ahmed (Private) Limited
Maricon Consultants (Private) Limited
Marine & Undersea Consultants (Private) Limited.
Marsad & Co. (Private) Limited.
MAS Services (Private) Limited
Masood-ul-Hasan & Co. (Private) Limited
Masud Associates (Private) Limited
Matchless Marine Services (Private) Limited
Mateen Techno Services (Private) Limited.
Material & Design Services (Private) Limited.
MGS Services (Private) Limited.
Milverk (Private) Limited.
Minto Associates (Private) Limited.
MNS Enterprises (Private) Limited
Mohammad Ali Surveyors (Private) Limited.
MSK Enterprises (Private) Limited.
Muhammad Akmal & Co., (Private) Limited.
Muhammad Akram & Co., (Private) Limited.
Muhammad Naeem Surveyors (Private) Limited.
Muhammad Siddique Associates (Private) Limited
Multi Serve (Private) Limited.
Mushtaq Ahmed (Private) Limited.
MZK Associates (Private) Limited
Munir A Khan & Co
N.K. Surveyors (Private) Limited
Nadeem Surveyors (Private) Limited.
Naeem W. Malik (Private) Limited.
Naeemuddin & Co. (Private) Limited.
Najam Riaz & Co. (Private) Limited.
NAKMS Services (Private) Limited.
Nanjee & Co. (Private) Limited.
Nasir Syndicate (Private) Limited.
National Project Managers (Private) Limited.
NAVCO (Private) Limited.
Navtech Associates (Private) Limited.
NMCI Pakistan (Private) Limited.
Noor Muhammad Surveyors (Private) Limited.
Noorwala & Associates (Private) Limited.
Oceanic Surveyors (Private) Limited.
Officious Meddlers (Private) Limited.
Pacific Surveyors (Private) Limited.
Pak Marine Surveyors (Private) Limited.
Pakistan Inspection Co. (Private) Limited.
Pakistan Systems Registrar (SMC-Pvt) Limited.
Petrochem Marine (Private) Limited.
Progressive Surveyors and Shipping Services (Private) Limited.
Project (Private) Limited.
Prudential Surveyors (Private) Limited.
Qayyum Pervez Malik & Co. (Private) Limited.
Qazi Muhammad Rehan Surveyors (Private) Limited.
Raaks Associates (Private) Limited.
Rathore Associates (Private) Limited.
RDK (Private) Limited.
Rehan Mobin & Co. (Private) Limited.
Rehman & Co. (Private) Limited.
Reliance Surveyors Co. (Private) Limited.
Republic Surveyors (Private) Limited.
Rizvi Associates (Private) Limited.
Rover (Private) Limited.
Royal Marine (Private) Limited.
S.A.S.Surveyors (Private) Limited
S.M. Associates (Private) Limited.
S.M. Shafique (Private) Limited.
S.U. Malik & Co. (Private) Limited.
Sadruddin Associates (Private) Limited.
Saifullah Sarim Engineering Services (Private) Limited.
Sajjad Associates (Private) Limited.
Sajjad Hussain & Co., (Private) Limited.
Salam Associates (Private) Limited.
Salim Hyder & Co. (Private) Limited.
Salim Siddiqui & Co. (Private) Limited.
Saqib Associates (Private) Limited.
Saulat & Associates (Private) Limited.
Saulat & Co. 1960 (Private) Limited.
Sawant & Co. (Private) Limited.
Seashore Services (Private) Limited.
Seaward Surveyors (Private) Limited.
Seaways Services (Private) Limited.
SGS Pakistan (Private) Limited.
Shabber Raza Associates (Private) Limited.
Shabbir Ilyas (Private) Limited.
Shahbaz Ali Associates (Private) Limited.
Shakeel Enterprises (Private) Limited.
Shakeel Sons Surveyors (Private) Limited.
Sipra & Co. (Private) Limited.
Solidified Services (Private) Limited.
Step Engineers & Surveyors (Private) Limited.
Sultan & Co. (Private) Limited.
Supreme Maritime Surveyors (Private) Limited.
Survey Line (Private) Limited.
Survey Scale (Private) Limited.
Swift Consultants (Private) Limited.
Syed Ghulam Abbas & Co. (Private) Limited.
Synergy Inspection (Private) Limited.
Tracom ( Private) Ltd
T.A. Kiayani Associates (Private) Limited.
T.Q. Rana Surveyors (Private) Limited.
Taha Surveyors (Private) Limited.
Tahir Rasheed & Co. (Private) Limited.
Tanveer Ali (Private) Limited.
Tanvir-ur-Rehman (Private) Limited.
Tariq Islam & Co. (Private) Limited.
TAS (Private) Limited.
Tashfeen Hafeez Associates (Private) Limited.
Techno Services Surveyors (Private) Limited.
Tehseen Fazal Associates (Private) Limited.
The Surveyors & Shipping Services (Private) Limited.
Triangle Ventures (Private) Limited.
United Enterprises Surveyors (Private) Limited.
United Inspection Co. (Private) Limited.
United Marine Surveyors (Private) Limited
Uzair Associates (Private) Limited.
"Waheed Amin & Co. (Private) Limited.
Waqar Rahim Khan & Co.(Private) Limited.
Worldwide Services (Private) Limited.
Yunus Mirza & Co. (Private) Limited.
Z.F. Ahmad & Co. (Private) Limited.
Z.M. (Private) Limited.
Zahid Razzaq & Co. (Private) Limited
Zamco Surveyors (Private) Limited.
Zarar A. Nasir (Private) Limited.

Note: A specific expiration date is assigned to each organization. For up-to-date list, visit the official website of the Security and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP).

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