ACCA Colleges in Peshawar

ACCA Colleges in Peshawar

According to the official website of ACCA (the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants), the following are the Approved Learning Partners (ALP) in Pakistan (including centers in Peshawar).

Note: For up-to-date list, visit the official website of ACCA.

1. SKANS School of Accountancy (Garden Town, Lahore)
2. College of Accounting & Management Sciences
3. Professionals Academy of Commerce Lahore
4. Centre of Financial Excellence (New Garden Town)
5. College of Accountancy & Professional Studies
6. SKANS School of Accountancy (Shershah)
7. College of Accounting & Management Sciences (Hyderabad)
8. The Professionals' Academy of Commerce - Gujranwala
9. National College of Business and Management Science
10. Professionals Academy of Commerce (Khyber Campus)
11. CAMS Pechs Campus (College of Accounting & Management Sciences)

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