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List of libraries in England

Armitt Library
The Bristol Art Library
Bristol Central Library
British Cave Research Association
Catholic National Library
Chawton House
Chawton House Library
Chester Cathedral Library
Dartford Library
Durham University Library
The Forum, Norwich
Francis Trigge Chained Library
Kedermister Library
Leeds Library
Lincoln Cathedral Library
Liverpool Central Library
Manchester Central Library
Montagu C. Butler Library
Morrab Library
National Library for the Blind
Newcastle City Library
Newcastle University Library
Nottingham Subscription Library
Prince Consort's Library
Royal Librarian (United Kingdom)
Sheffield Central Library
Sheffield Local Studies Library
Shrewsbury Library
Sir Harry and Lady Djanogly Learning Resource Centre
Snape Maltings
Spring Hill Library
Libraries and collections of Stonyhurst College
William Brown Library and Museum
Wiltshire Heritage Museum
Working Class Movement Library
Wren Library


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