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List of Schools in Islamabad

The following is a list of schools in Islamabad.

Bloomfield International School, Islamabad
Bright model School
Beaconhouse School System
CDA Model School
The City School
EMS High School
Federal Government Boys High School
F.G. Model School
Foundation Public School
Fountainhead School
Froebel's International School
Global System of Integrated Studies (GSIS)
Hallmark Public School
Head Starts
Headstart School
Imperial International School & College
International Grammar School and College
Islamabad Grammar School
International School of Islamabad
Islamabad College of Arts and Sciences (ICAS)
Islamabad Convent School
Islamabad Model College
Janjua Educational Foundation (JEF)
Khaldunia High School
Lahore Grammar School
Marjan Public School and College
Modern Language School
National Institute of Journalism
Overseas Pakistani Foundation Schools (OPF)
Oxbridge International Grammar School
PAF College
PakTurk International Schools and Colleges
PN Model School
Preparatory School, Islamabad
Read School
Resource Academia, Islamabad
Rising Pakistan Montessori and High School (RPMS)
Roots College International
School of Business and Management (SBM)
Shaheen School System
SLS Montessori and High School
Smart School Systems
The Mount Sinai School
University College of Islamabad (UCI)
Westminster School and College


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