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Pak/ed - Latest Questions and Articles

Fee Structure - University of Wah

Fee Structure - COMSATS Institute of Information Technology (CIIT), Islamabad

Fee Structure - IBA Karachi

List of Private Banks in Pakistan

Askari Bank Limited Timings

Allied Bank Limited (ABL) Timings

Tourist resorts of PTDC in Northern Areas of Pakistan

Federal Universities/Educational Institutes in Karachi

NTS Trainee Systems Administrator Sample Papers

NTS Trainee Business Analyst Sample Papers

Role of NDMA to control the natural disasters in Pakistan

National and international operational airports in Azad Jammu and Kashmir and Gilgit-Baltistan

Industrial waste in the country disposed of in the rivers

Validity of passports in Pakistan

Funds allocated for the welfare of women and children in Pakistan in FY 2013-14

Names of banks and financial institutions from whom the Government has taken loans

Short term plans of the Government to shore up the foreign exchange reserves

Names of State Owned Enterprises (SOEs) being considered for privatization during the next 5 years

Steps taken by the Government for reduction in poverty under poverty alleviation program

Plans made and proposed for the development of Karachi by the Government

Increments relating to educational qualifications not restored by Government

Steps taken by the Government to solve public transport problem in Islamabad

Current population growth rate of Pakistan

Total amount of debt borrowed by the Government from the international market

Current account deficit as on 30-11-2013 and 30-11-2012

Total amount and utilization of Pakistan Poverty Alleviation Fund

Amount borrowed by the Government from abroad during the last 3 months

Year-wise impacts of devaluation of Pakistani Rupee against US dollar on the foreign debt during the last 5 years till date

Civil Judge-cum-Magistrate (BPS-17) Jobs - Islamabad High Court

IBA Application of Corporate Laws for Decision Making Workshop

IBA Global Market Entry Strategies Workshop

IBA Improving Profits through Managing the Operations - Managing Family Businesses

IBA Negotiation & Conflict Resolution Skills Workshop

LGES Teaching Jobs

Standard Chartered SWIFT Codes Global

IBAN Benefits - SBP

ACCA Tuition Providers in Mauritius

ACCA Tuition Providers in Malta

ACCA Tuition Providers in Maldives

ACCA Tuition Providers in Malaysia

ACCA Tuition Providers in Lithuania

ACCA Tuition Providers in Lebanon

ACCA Tuition Providers in Latvia

ACCA Tuition Providers in Kuwait

ACCA Tuition Providers in Kenya

ACCA Tuition Providers in Kazakhstan

ACCA Tuition Providers in Ireland

ACCA Tuition Providers in Indonesia

ACCA Tuition Providers in Hungary

ACCA Tuition Providers in Greece

October 25, 2014

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