NTS HEC Recruitment Test - Sample Paper 1

The sample paper below was specific to the exams conducted for various posts of the Higher Education Commission (HEC). The posts for which this test was conducted are given below:

Assistant Accounts Manager
Account Manager
Assistant Project Manager (General)
Deputy Director (Accounts)
Deputy Director (Publications)
Deputy Director (Sports)
Director (Communication & Out Reach)
Director (HRD)
Director (M&C)
Director (Services & Operations)
Director (University Advancement)
Program Coordinator (Communication & Out Reach IT)
Program Coordinator (Communication & Out Reach)
Program Coordinator (University Advancement)
Program Director
Project Manager (Communication & Out Reach)
Project Manager (M&E)
Project Manager (University Advancement)


Note   The pattern and composition of  papers change quite frequently. You must always visit the official website of National Testing Service (NTS) for up-to-date sample papers and paper composition/distribution. This sample paper can also be downloaded from the official website of National Testing Service (NTS).








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